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Do nothing Once in a while, do nothing & reboot!  Hang out with yourself.  Go for a walk with a pal.  Active idleness is a mental imperative: a chance to think things through.  A quiet dialogue with yourself or others boosts creativity, critical thinking & mood. It’s called a holiday Guessed the Word?       …

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Ig Nobel  Prize for achievements that  make people laugh, then think.  2009 Economics Ig won by 4 Icelandic banks, for showing how tiny banks can rapidly become huge banks, & vice versa – & similar for an entire national economy What’s the Word?   Series 2 (8/10)  [photo: Alexas_Fotos]

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Neuroscience New insights into how we think can help business. We rarely detect forged bank notes, despite well-publicised security features – watermark, metal strip, changing colours – as our brains ignore things which seem to fit our assumptions, and only notice details we go out to seek  What’s the Word? Series 1 (7/7)  [photo: johnhain]

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C-suite C-level executives are the top posts in a firm, with titles usually starting with ‘C’ (Chief Executive, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer). With importance, influence & high-stakes decision making, comes the danger of group think, where harmony & cohesion are valued more than accurate analysis & critical evaluation    What’s the Word? Series 1 (4/7)…