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Anticipate Anticipate which type of business attacks you’ll get & from where.  Theft of client or bank data.  Fraud in client or employee systems.  Losing critical information or system access.  Focus on prevention, rather than detection Guessed the Word?         Series 42 (3/8)          [pic: analogicus]


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Air Half of London’s toxic air pollution is caused by road transport.  To reduce exhaust emissions by 45%, from 8 April, its Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards are the toughest in the world. Dirty air kills 9,000 Londoners & costs the economy £4.5bn each year.  Soon, people from the country will come to London…

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Audit firms Does it matter if the UK’s Big 4 audit firms become the Big 3?  Already many struggle to find one that is un-conflicted & up to the job.  Less firms = less choice, less competition, lower quality, higher prices.  Like Big Banks, auditors should be made to plot their own death – how…

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Apart World economies growing apart.  GDP growth 2007 to 2018: US 17.1%, Europe 11.6%, Japan 6.7%.  But US outperformed mostly due to problems elsewhere.  What next?  US lose momentum? Or rest of the world catch up?  Will affect financial markets, trade wars, currencies, politics.  What should investors do short-term & long-term? Guessed the Word?         Series 37 (1/7) …

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Afternoon tea A quintessential British pastime since the 1800s to fill the break between breakfast & dinner.  Traditional menu – finger sandwiches, scones, cakes, teas – can be given a modern twist to reflect art, fashion or other cuisines.  For business or pleasure, “there are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to…

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Apprentice Drop out?  29% of UK university graduates earned less than average worker with apprenticeship experience recently – against a backdrop of lowest unemployment level in UK for 43 years, in Eurozone for 9 years and in the US for 18 years Guessed the Word?                Series 29 (5/8)     …

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Appliance Good appliances endure.  A kettle is found in more homes than any other device.  In Britain,  “Put the kettle on”  is as valid a greeting on arriving home as  “Good evening” Guessed the Word?             Series 23 (3/8)              [pic: kboyd]

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Analytics More personal information being captured than ever before.  15,000 data points about a viewer can be collected in 5-min website session Guessed the Word?          Series 21 (5/7)            [pic: geralt]

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Antics Antics at some events discredit the entire sector.  Time to stop using showgirls to sell property and cars? Guessed the Word?       Series 21 (2/7)        [pic: alabama]

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Alchemy Great leaders/ coaches bring about magical transformations within people and situations.  But unlike miracles, these transmutations can’t be done instantly Guessed the Word?          Series 20 (5/6)            [pic: icame]