Month: January 2018


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You If you’re not paying for a service, you are the product The customers are the advertisers, who use info about you to target their ads Guessed the Word?       Series 18 (5/5)       [pic: simschmidt]

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Original No good being original if there’s no demand for the product/ service at a profitable priceA sensible economic model underpins every successful business Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (2/5)      [pic: timon klauser]

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News Spinning out of control: the link between news and reality.  It seems we don’t want boring news, but fearful/ angry reports.  Like politics, news is partly show business, & gives us what we want Guessed the Word?         Series 18 (3/5)        [pic: ryan stefan]

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Entrepreneurs 45% of start-up entrepreneurs have another job, and put in 60 to 70 hours a week to make both work  Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (4/5)      [pic: Pixel Anarchy]

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Maasai Red-check togas, fine beadwork & warrior history.  Maasai imagery to be trademarked.  Guarding /monetising this cultural heritage will help the tribe. 1,000+ firms have used it free in the past Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (1/5)     [pic: pawan sharma] 

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Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!  Series 18 starts soon….. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word (spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram).  Previous answers: Series 17 spelt  T-U-N-E-R-E-V    (VENTURE) Series 16  was  Zzz   (sleep, rest & recharge) Series 15 spelt  W-E-N    (NEW) Series 14 spelt  X-A-M-S    (XMAS) Series…

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Vortex Plastic ends up in a giant vortex (gyre) of rubbish in the sea.  The Great Pacific garbage patch, with 1/3 of all plastic in the oceans, is twice as big as the UK.  There are 4 other gyres: in the S Pacific, N Atlantic, S Atlantic and Indian Ocean Guessed the Word?     …

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Ethylene The most important petro-chemical?  This colourless, flammable gas is in plastics, polyethylene, polyester – so in car parts, bags, packaging, chewing gum, anti-freeze, textiles & water bottles.  I in 5 tons comes from the USA, mostly Texas Guessed the Word?        Series 17 (7/7)         [pic: dbchandler]

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Restart New stuff is so cheap, it’s uneconomic to mend.  Hold a restart party, where volunteers fix things.  Let’s demand the “right to repair” what we buy: saves valuable skills & the planet from needless waste Guessed the Word?         Series 17 (6/7)         [pic: amaury-salas]  

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  e-commerce Tech can save the high street through click-&-collect, the fastest growing element of on-line retail.  A ‘real’ shop is a showroom for online sellers + a single collection point for stuff bought from many web retailers Guessed the Word?      Series 17 (2/7)     [pic: emre-karatas]