Month: February 2018

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Alchemy Great leaders/ coaches bring about magical transformations within people and situations.  But unlike miracles, these transmutations can’t be done instantly Guessed the Word?          Series 20 (5/6)            [pic: icame]     

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Laffer curve An optimum tax rate maximises tax revenue – Arthur Laffer, 1979.  Above that rate, no more revenue is gained (and may even fall), as tax avoidance, disincentive to work and “brain drain” impoverish the rich & the poor  Guessed the Word?      Series 20 (2/6)        [pic: Michael Gaida]

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Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!  Series 20 starts soon….. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word – spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram.  Previous answers: Series 19 spelt   C-U-E-S-S-C-S   (SUCCESS) Series 18 spelt   M-E-N-O-Y   (MONEY) Series 17 spelt  T-U-N-E-R-E-V    (VENTURE) Series 16  was  Zzz   (sleep, rest & recharge) Series…

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    Shoebox home UK has smallest homes in Europe.  Average 3-bed home is 88m².  Germany is 109m², Holland is 115m² and Denmark is 137m².  Change commercial to residential use, and minimum stipulated sizes of 37m² for flats and 93m² for houses, do not apply Guessed the Word?          Series 19 (7/7) …

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  Circus Now worldwide & influences every art form: 1768 Waterloo, London – Philip Astley, entrepreneur/ showman/ acrobatic horse-rider’s 42ft circle in the ground with dazzling clowns, acrobats, strongmen, jugglers & bareback riders astounded spectators. The magic endures Guessed the Word?          Series 19 (4/7)         [pic: Peter Blake]

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Safe deposit box Film characters store what they like.  But banks’ prohibited items can include cash.  And drugs, chemicals, guns, knives, ammunition, banned items, anything offensive, immoral, obscene, indecent, defamatory, slanderous or used in terrorism Guessed the Word?       Series 19 (6/7)         [pic: Igor Shubin]

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Sandbox trial  Singapore’s sandbox framework creates ‘safe spaces’ to test new energy solutions in a live environment, without usual regulations, but with safeguards to minimise risks. The way to encourage innovation in other products/ services? Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (1/7)          [pic: RAMillu]

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Expression New expression of our increasingly experience-driven economy: the  suitcaseTravel has become a way of life, as we shift from owning property to owning experiences.  2016 travel spend = $ 7.6 trillion. Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (5/7)           [pic: Rimowa]

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Unfair UK vendors are unfairly undercut by online foreign sellers who don’t add 20% VAT even when goods are sent from stocks kept in UK warehouses, Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (2/7)         [pic: neonbrand]

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Company Shareholders aren’t personally liable for company debts (The Limited Liability Act 1855). Companies House has registered British companies since 1844. The oldest still trading is The Ashford Cattle Market Co. Ltd from 1856 Guessed the Word?       Series 19 (3/7)       [pic: Pixel-mixer]