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Private equity What’s the big deal with private equity (PE)?  PE firms use debt to buy weak companies, turn them around & sell them.  They load the debt on to the acquired company & sell off its assets to create massive returns for investors quickly, while charging huge fees.  PE is changing finance & the…

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Posturing Politicians posturing isn’t new – in 41BC, Cleopatra used a golden barge with purple sails to get Mark Antony’s attention.  Politics is part show business.  But it’s workers & owners who keep the real show on the road.  “Must do, should do, could do & won’t do” helps avoid distraction by political melodrama.  There’s no…

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Password A good, memorable password is long, not complex.  Like ‘Snow White & the 7 dwarfs’ (rather than 8 characters).  Even better – 3 random words which are easy to recall.  Average person has 19 passwords!  No need to change a password (unless it’s compromised) nor mix capital letters, numbers & symbols.  Password managers don’t…

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Pounce Who will bell the cat? Take a risk – fortune favours the brave.  Curiosity & publicly available information are enough to unmask new facts – about products, services, customers, suppliers.  Or even to pounce on secret agents who poison former spies.  No training needed Guessed the Word?                Series 31…

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Pink chocolate Coming soon – pink chocolate.  The 4th type after dark, milk and white.  1st new type for 80 years, since white was invented in 1930s. Is pink naturally, and has a smooth berry taste – fruit/ cream/ sour combined.  Made by innovative Swiss manufacturing process after a decade of research, from ruby cocoa…

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Play Board games teach strategic thinking & entrepreneurship.  De-stress with dice & do an off-duty MBA!  Plus faster networking than golf.  2017 US board game sales $1.17bn – up 7% in a year Guessed the Word?      Series 23 (8/8)       [pic: catan/ Eric Chamberland] 

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Plastic By 2050, more plastic than fish, by weight, in the sea?  Plastic Bank exchange platform uses blockchain digital currency to incentivize plastic waste collection, & recycle into pellets for manufacturing & 3D printing Guessed the Word?     Series 21 (1/7)        [pic:simisi1]

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Picasso effect Before success –  Picasso: 700+ sketches of Les Demoiselles. James Dyson: 5,126 vacuum cleaner prototypes.  Edison: 10,000 light bulb filaments.  Persistence pays  Guessed the Word?  Series 7  (1/4)    [painting: Pablo Picasso] 

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Passport The EU burgundy-red booklet permits visa-free travel to 147 countries.  A globe-trotter’s dream Guessed the word?  Series 4  (1/6 )  [photo: wisegeek]

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Productivity determines if living standards go up or down. Despite everything, productivity growth has been disappointing for more than 40 years Guessed the Word?  Series 2 (6/10)  [photo: diapicard]