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July 10, 2021 admin123@ No comments exist

Break “You can lament the flaws of England’s ruling classes – their failure to plan for Brexit & Covid, their inability to break the straitjacket of history – or you can come to SW19 & delight in a microcosm where those flaws are not decisive.” Henry Mance, Financial Times 3 Jul 2021 | Wimbledon Diary…

December 29, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Bah humbug! Cost of Christmas dinner was up again!  Erratic weather & African swine fever affected food prices around the world.  Higher turkey (up 6%, due to higher temperatures in summer), pork & Brussels sprouts prices increased wholesale cost of UK Christmas dinner by 3% from 2018.  Vegetables were affected by rain in recent months.  Chilled…

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Bauble Roman tradition to hang fruit on trees led to Christmas baubles.  Apples, candy canes & pastry stars, hearts & flowers decorated trees until glass baubles were invented in mid-16th c. in Lauscha, Germany.  Queen Victoria’s tree, hung with baubles from her husband’s native Germany, appeared in a London newspaper & set off a trend.  FW…

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  Brick An excellent building block, clay brick wins on cost & zero maintenance. It ages well, & its timeless quality is not tied to any style or construction technique.  London’s Battersea Power Station restoration needs 1.7m handmade bricks – UK’s single largest order. By far the most popular choice for building new homes, 2bn bricks made…

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Bias Software can eliminate bias when reviewing job applications.  Answers from different applicants to a Q can be grouped/ randomised, & presented to assessors without giving clues about age, gender, name or race Guessed the Word?     Series 22 (1/8)       [pic: Efraimstochter]

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Blockchain Algorithms that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded & verified over a computer network without a central ledger.  Initially sceptical, banks now exploring the tech to speed up back-office settlement systems Guessed the Word?      Series 21 (4/7)         [pic: kindfolk]

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Business as usual  (BAU) The maxim of the British people is ‘business as usual’ ~ Winston Churchill, 1914.  Regardless of current difficult weather/ events, the show must go on Guessed the word?     Series 20 (4/6)     [pic: tomas anton escobar]

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Burden Overall effect of numerous regulations is a heavy load on small business.  UK govt wants to check tech/ military deals over £1m (was £70m).  More red-tape = more executive time on form-filling, while overseas competitors win customers. Guessed the Word?     Series 11(3/4)       [photo: joakant]

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Belt & Road  China’s One Belt One Road (OBOR) project, along the ancient Silk Road, covers 65 countries.  A trade corridor of breathtaking scope.  Annual investment $1.7tn until 2030. Guessed the Word?       Series 9 (1/6)        [photo: Couleur]