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May 4, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Fallout Covid-19 fallout: lasting change in consumer and worker behaviour & expectations.  So, allow more space between occupants.  As lifts can only take 2 people, signpost stairs & alternative routes.  Stagger opening hours.  Do more online.  Reduce property footprint. Use offices for get-togethers, not routine work.  Re-do contingency plans – those fallback disaster recovery premises…

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Flight 25 Aug 1919: 1st international scheduled flight from Hounslow, London to Paris carrying 1 passenger, leather, grouse & Devon cream.  1976: 1st Concorde supersonic commercial flights with 100 passengers; British Airways to Bahrain & Air France to Rio.  2018: Global passengers 8.8bn, annual increase of 6%.  By 2037, Asia’s passengers will exceed N. America…

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Flux Business goes on during flux &uncertainty, and the best firms seize the opportunities arising. We all crave certainty.  But what is certain, apart from death & taxes?  ‘In or Out’ is the binary position on Britain’s exit from the EU.  Would the only deal acceptable to all be so vague & meaningless it’s as…

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Face to face Face to face encounters forge the best partnerships.  Digital networking has its place, but actually being in the room makes all the difference.  Being out & about & following up leads brings possibilities to us – new ventures, jobs, orders.  Let’s show up – who knows what might happen? Guessed the Word?   …

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Flypast 10 July flypast over Buckingham Palace, 100 days after Britain’s Royal Air Force centenary on 1 April.  22 Typhoons form ‘100’ in the sky, after 3 weeks secret practice over the North Sea.  Per ardua ad astra – “Through struggle to the stars”.  Each plane costs £110m ($145m), and £4,000 ($5,300) to fly for 1 hour. …

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Fashion Fashion expresses identity of the individual & culture, and boosts pride & morale. No other industry radically redesigns its product twice a year to retain the same customers.  Success requires innovation, business expertise & luck Guessed the Word?            Series 23 (1/8)           [pic: splitshire]

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Feedback “If I had asked my customers what they wanted, they would’ve said, “a faster horse”. ~ Henry Ford 1863-1947, Ford Motor Co. Do customers always know best? Guessed the Word?   Series 6 (1/5)   [photo: f4me0]

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Freemium  A mix of ‘free’ and ‘premium’ is dominant in internet startups & smartphone apps: basic features at no cost, richer functionality for a fee. Users become evangelists if the distinction between free and paid offerings are clear Guessed the word?   Series 4 (4/6)   [photo: Ryan McGuire]