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Music chart Moment that changed music forever:  1936 Billboard mag’s Chart Line lists most popular songs on 3 US major radio stations.  1940 best-selling records chart launch.  1958 sales + airplay combined to create Hot 100 Singles Chart, which now includes downloads & streaming data.  Play on Guessed the Word?          Series…

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Marriage Wedding season soon, but marriage is declining all over the world.  UK marriages peaked in 1972: 80 out of 1,000 men, & 60 out of 1,000 women, got wed.  Corresponding 2016 figures: 23 men & 21 women.  Tax relief for married couples, not based on need nor ability to pay, rewards a lifestyle/ moral choice. …

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Micro-library Micro-library shows enterprises can thrive in non-traditional structuresElements for success: convenient, long opening hours, self-sustaining, cheap, foster community spirit, capture imaginations, help people connect & make serendipitous discoveries.  No registration, fees nor proof of address.  Book exchanges are the most popular use of old phone boxes Guessed the Word?       Series 36 (6/7)   …

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Memory Human short-term memory only holds 7 items at a time. So stick to ‘7 or less’ rule when it comes to categories – on websites, talks, instructions, slides. Naming of categories is also important – shouldn’t have to click/ read more to know what’s in there.  Category page on e-commerce websites harks back to…

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Marijuana Alcohol & tobacco kill far more people than weed. UK: cannabis illegal since 1928.  USA: Denver’s “green rush” marijuana retailers outnumber Starbucks cafes 2:1.  Canada: has largest herd of “cannabis unicorn” companies.  Australia: New South Wales cut red tape so patients get medical marijuana fast Guessed the Word?          Series 25 (1/5)       …

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Maasai Red-check togas, fine beadwork & warrior history.  Maasai imagery to be trademarked.  Guarding /monetising this cultural heritage will help the tribe. 1,000+ firms have used it free in the past Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (1/5)     [pic: pawan sharma] 

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Merry Business is the engine that powers progress. Be merry!  Trade, technology and liberty have led to better health & homes, longer lives and less war. And things will be even better in the future Guessed the Word?         Series 14 (2/4)            [photo: geralt]

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Mental health Pressure on owners/ founders of small firms can be immense. Funding challenges and appearing strong in front of clients, investors & staff add to the stress.  Mental health issues affect about 1 in 4 people. Guessed the Word?          Series 10 (5/8)           [photo: jniittymaa0]