Month: April 2017

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  Dark kitchen With no restaurant attached, Deliveroo’s Roobox meets soaring demand for takeaways – without struggling to serve diners at the same time.  Innovative, low-risk scaling up and out Guessed the Word?  Series 3  (1/7)  [photo: vaazdev]

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  LIBOR  London Interbank Offered Rate The world’s most important no.  Sets interest rates globally.  Changes daily. Based on estimates from a group of banks worldwide, of the lowest rate at which they can borrow. Started 1969 – for the 1st time, London banker, Minos Zombanakis, got a GROUP of banks to lend $80m at a…

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Asteroid mining Luxembourg hopes to join the US in claiming a legal framework guaranteeing mineral ownership rights in space.  Think beyond  Guessed the word?  Series 3 (6/7)  [photo: stefan stefancik}

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Guessed the Word?  Contact Us for prizes!  Series 3 starts soon. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a topical business word  (which may be spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as anagrams).  Previous answers: Series 2 spelt  N-O-I-T-Y-P-R-C-N-E = ENCRYPTION Series 1 spelt U-N-I-C-O-R-N [photo: Aaron Burden] 

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Ecosystem London has the world’s best fintech ecosystem, with diverse hipsters, tech startups, capitalists & large financial bodies in the same space. Co-exist, collaborate, co-evolve   Guessed the word?  Series 2  (1/10)  [photo: visavietnam}

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Nudge Google tested 41 shades of blue for advertising hyperlinks, & got $200m extra annual revenue, by choosing this hex colour #2a5db0.  Psychology can help firms guide buyers in the ‘right’ direction   Guessed the Word?  Series 2  (2/10)  [photo: BeautyColorCode]