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Value-added tax Lower VAT rates reduce the ‘black economy’.  Self-enforcing VAT is 1950s French invention.  Instead of a levy on final sale of a product/ service, it’s imposed at every step of production, with a refund for the tax paid at the previous step.  Each firm reports the VAT the previous firm in the chain should’ve…

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Vortex Plastic ends up in a giant vortex (gyre) of rubbish in the sea.  The Great Pacific garbage patch, with 1/3 of all plastic in the oceans, is twice as big as the UK.  There are 4 other gyres: in the S Pacific, N Atlantic, S Atlantic and Indian Ocean Guessed the Word?     …

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Video > 80% of the content on the internet is Video and Audio, none of which is searchable. The goal must be to shed light on this cloudy data and make it easily accessible  Guessed the Word?       Series 13 (1/5)         [photo: 422737]