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Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!   Series 14 starts soon. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word (spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram).  Previous answers: Series 13 spelt  V-E-L-U-A    (VALUE) Series 12 spelt  T-O-Q-U-E    (QUOTE) Series 11 spelt  B-O-J-S   (JOBS) Series 10 spelt  H-A-R-K-M-A-L-L   (HALLMARK) Series 9 spelt  B-U-G-T-E-D…

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Announce Moscow metro’s simple announcements are clear: male voice for inbound trains, female voice for outbound. “Boss calls you to work, wife calls you home”.  On the ring line, male voice = clockwise direction, female voice = anti-clockwise Guessed the Word?    Series 13 (2/5)   [photo: Breaking the Walls]   

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Up and down Retail ups and downs: Big pants are back.  Sales up 25% in 2016, and continue to expand.  Thongs have been strung up, and push-up bra sales pushed down 50%. Don’t-give-a-damn confidence Guessed the Word?         Series 13 (4/5)           [photo: isic]

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Land rights African Court on Human & People’s Rights finds land rights can be held collectively.  African & Indian tribes, Australian aborigines, and US native Americans lived for centuries without dividing land into individual plots Guessed the Word?      Series 13 (3/5)       [photo: Trevor Cole]

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Edit Touched up images of models / products should be marked as ‘Edited’. Nearly all commercial photos are enhanced to give false views of perfection.  In France, advertisers can be fined up to 30% of ad costs if digital doctoring is not declared on the image. Guessed the Word?    Series 13 (5/5)      [photo: BonnieHenderson]

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Video > 80% of the content on the internet is Video and Audio, none of which is searchable. The goal must be to shed light on this cloudy data and make it easily accessible  Guessed the Word?       Series 13 (1/5)         [photo: 422737]