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Winner takes all Winner-takes-all nature of modern markets means top firm benefits don’t impact the whole economy, as in the past.  Bank of England data: the most-productive 1% of firms raised productivity by 8% a year from 2004 – 2014.  The other 99% barely raised productivity at all.  Highly successful global companies can still leave…

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Educate Edinburgh is the UK’s “most educated” city and 2nd-largest fintech hub.  55% of workforce has a Uni degree or equivalent.  Scottish inventions: life insurance, pensions, investment trusts.  Top 4 industries: salmon, whiskey, oil & gas, financial services Guessed the Word?       Series 22 (6/8)         [pic: kimdaejeung]

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Un-retire 1/4 of Britons un-retire within 15 years of leaving work.  Men, higher-educated & healthy people more likely to return, but no clear link between financial difficulty & un-retiring Guessed the Word?    Series 17 (5/7)     [pic: pablo-hermoso]