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Investor visa Over 400 wealthy people ready to invest £2m ($2.55m) to get Tier 1  ‘golden visa’. Up 46% over 2017, esp. from China, Russia, Turkey.  Can stay in UK for 40 months & apply for British citizenship after that.  Increase is despite stricter rules from 2015, & other EU countries offering 2nd citizenship options Guessed…

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  Immigrant About 1/2 of US farm workers are undocumented immigrants.  Growing corn, cotton, rice, soybeans & wheat is now largely mechanized, but many high-value crops such as strawberries & diary farms need labor.  The US has to either import food, or import workers Guessed the Word?             Series 27 (2/7) …

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Passport The EU burgundy-red booklet permits visa-free travel to 147 countries.  A globe-trotter’s dream Guessed the word?  Series 4  (1/6 )  [photo: wisegeek]