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Emphasis Business covid- survival tactic: change product/service emphasis, to be more visible & relevant.  Having a basic plan, a fallback plan & an alternative plan enables us to take a long-term view, but make short-term decisions.  Physical & virtual shops must co-exist; trained staff & helpful videos make them ‘magic cubes’.  Online launches & virtual fairs…

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Gathering The viral energy of firms comes from gatherings.  Virtual get-togethers can harness crowd momentum, enthusiam & competition to fuel innovation, while common threats spur collaboration.  Shared aims stop social distancing making us socially distant.  Unite in spirit to prevail 100 years Guessed the Word?     Series 57 (7/8)       pic: donnaSenzaFiato

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Euro Midnight 1 Jan 1999: Launch of the virtual euro in 11 European countries.  2002: € notes & coins start to circulate, & 1st purchase using them was on the French island of Reunion in the Indian Ocean – to buy 1 kg of lychees.  US$ – € exchange rate on 1 Jan 1999 was…