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Zeitgeist “Staycations” in the home country fit the zeitgeist.  Rather than travel abroad, Britons took 59m UK holidays in 2017.  Average spend: £599 ($727), 2018 estimate £823 ($999).  Besides value, top requests are pet-friendly, hot tub & an “experience” (alternative accommodation, activities).  Nearly 50% of Britons are more likely to holiday in the UK than the…

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  Outdoor learning Outdoor activities break down barriers & teach practical skills.  Summer vacation is a hangover from Victorian times, when children helped in the fields.  74% of UK kids now spend less time outdoors than prisoners Guessed the Word?               Series 29 (3/8)               [pic:TheDigitalWay]

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Out of Office Scandinavian out of office reply shows firms get clients despite 5-week closure: “Hej! I’m on vacation for the next 5 weeks. Back on Aug 7.  I won’t access emails & won’t read the backlog, so get in touch that week.  Happy Sommar!”  Summertime & the work is easy Guessed the Word?     …

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Zzz… Rest and work are close partners.  Many truly great professionals plan leisure and creativity-boosting time-off with the same seriousness and thought as their work Guessed the Word?         Series 16           [photo: nile]