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Yesteryear Every generation thinks it’s in transformational times.But technological change in past 50 years isn’t as great as between 1890 to 1950, when rifles, horses & Morse telegraph advanced to atomic bombs, jet aircraft & TV.  Only exception is in invisibles (data/ computers), which is accelerating exponentially Guessed the Word?         Series 24…

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Alchemy Great leaders/ coaches bring about magical transformations within people and situations.  But unlike miracles, these transmutations can’t be done instantly Guessed the Word?          Series 20 (5/6)            [pic: icame]     

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Sleep & rest are the best nurses and allow the mind to recharge, ferment and incubate ideas.  It may be that rest, more than work, is the ultimate source of big transformations!  Neuroscience confirms that the resting brain is nearly as energetic as the engaged brain Guessed the Word?         Series 16     …