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Intangibles Can’t see or touch intangibles, but they’re now more valuable than buildings, machinery, vehicles & computers.  Examples: brands, intellectual property, design expertise, trademarks.  Intangible asset Mickey Mouse’s copyright extended from 1984 to beyond 2023!  To win in an intangible world, invest in education, information & communication technology, urban planning, science and R&D Guessed the…

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Trademark Can’t protect shape, colour & taste through trademarks.  They’re not distinctive enough to be seen as a mark of origin without the brand name/ logo.  Courts have refused copyright applications for London taxi and KitKat shapes, Cadbury’s specific shade of purple, & the taste of spreadable cheese.  Have a break Guessed the Word?     …

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  Green space Green space valued by all – from US presidents (Trump ‘Central Park’ trademark 1991) to Russian spies (2018).  Key to physical/ mental well-being, as >50% of world’s population live in cities Guessed the Word?         Series 20 (1/6)            [pic: summa]  

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Maasai Red-check togas, fine beadwork & warrior history.  Maasai imagery to be trademarked.  Guarding /monetising this cultural heritage will help the tribe. 1,000+ firms have used it free in the past Guessed the Word?     Series 18 (1/5)     [pic: pawan sharma]