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Kit homes Modular homes out of a kit go back over 100 yrs.  Sears, Roebuck & Co sold >70,000 home kits from 1908 to 1940.  Construction has changed far less by technology in the UK & US than other major industries.  Europe is ahead.  Where we want to build housing quickly near jobs, change is…

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Yesteryear Every generation thinks it’s in transformational times.But technological change in past 50 years isn’t as great as between 1890 to 1950, when rifles, horses & Morse telegraph advanced to atomic bombs, jet aircraft & TV.  Only exception is in invisibles (data/ computers), which is accelerating exponentially Guessed the Word?         Series 24…

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Blockchain Algorithms that allow cryptocurrencies to be traded & verified over a computer network without a central ledger.  Initially sceptical, banks now exploring the tech to speed up back-office settlement systems Guessed the Word?      Series 21 (4/7)         [pic: kindfolk]

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Merry Business is the engine that powers progress. Be merry!  Trade, technology and liberty have led to better health & homes, longer lives and less war. And things will be even better in the future Guessed the Word?         Series 14 (2/4)            [photo: geralt]

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Ecosystem London has the world’s best fintech ecosystem, with diverse hipsters, tech startups, capitalists & large financial bodies in the same space. Co-exist, collaborate, co-evolve   Guessed the word?  Series 2  (1/10)  [photo: visavietnam}