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Taxi UK has 1 of the world’s largest taxi markets. Londoners spend more money – 6.9% of GDP – on transport than people in New York, Hong Kong, San Francisco, Tokyo & Singapore. Taxi/ limo 2016 revenues: US $19 (£14.4) bn, Japan $15 (£11.4) bn, UK $11.5 (8.7) bn, next is France <$5 (£3.8) bn…

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Trademark Can’t protect shape, colour & taste through trademarks.  They’re not distinctive enough to be seen as a mark of origin without the brand name/ logo.  Courts have refused copyright applications for London taxi and KitKat shapes, Cadbury’s specific shade of purple, & the taste of spreadable cheese.  Have a break Guessed the Word?     …

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  Drive Half of Saudi Arabia’s 32m population permitted to drive from Jun 2018.  Vehicle demand, taxi services, immigration, advertising & fashion will change Guessed the Word?        Series 9 (3/6)        [photo: Robert_z_Ziemi]