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Overstay Don’t overstay in your holiday city: working there changes your tax landscape, too.  Work income is taxed in the country where you work + your worldwide income is also taxed in the country where you usually reside.  If you’re a manager, your firm’s profits could also get taxed in the holiday city.  Pre-Covid19, UK…

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Temporary tax How long can a temporary tax last?  USA’s 1964 “chicken tax”, to retaliate for French & German tariffs, prevents light-duty truck imports even today.  UK’s 1799 temporary income tax to raise money to fight Napoleon’s French forces is still in force 200 years on.  Temporary taxes & tariffs can go on forever Guessed…

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Marriage Wedding season soon, but marriage is declining all over the world.  UK marriages peaked in 1972: 80 out of 1,000 men, & 60 out of 1,000 women, got wed.  Corresponding 2016 figures: 23 men & 21 women.  Tax relief for married couples, not based on need nor ability to pay, rewards a lifestyle/ moral choice. …

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Credo Words & deeds must sync.  Who believes big tech co’s mission statements when they don’t pay their fair share of taxes? “Connecting the world.” “The earth’s most customer-centric co.” “Make the best products that have a meaningful impact on people’s lives.” “Organize the world’s information & make it universally accessible & useful.”   Yeah, right…  Guessed…

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Value-added tax Lower VAT rates reduce the ‘black economy’.  Self-enforcing VAT is 1950s French invention.  Instead of a levy on final sale of a product/ service, it’s imposed at every step of production, with a refund for the tax paid at the previous step.  Each firm reports the VAT the previous firm in the chain should’ve…

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  Dodge Digital tech enables authorities to catch tax dodgers by ‘joining the dots’ to get a full picture of their financial affairs.  HMRC now holds more data than the British Library Guessed the Word?       Series 25 (3/5)          [pic: webandi]

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Laffer curve An optimum tax rate maximises tax revenue – Arthur Laffer, 1979.  Above that rate, no more revenue is gained (and may even fall), as tax avoidance, disincentive to work and “brain drain” impoverish the rich & the poor  Guessed the Word?      Series 20 (2/6)        [pic: Michael Gaida]

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Trust Big Tech is losing our trust.  Fake news, minimal tax payments, ads alongside extremist content, poor attitude to harassment, unfair terms, & unsuitability for kids.  Public sentiment is turning against the tech giants Guessed the Word?       Series 17 (4/7)       [pic: ElisaRiva]  


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Tax Window tax reshaped British architecture in the 18th century. Abolishing Inheritance tax impacted Australia’s death rate, as people clung to life in 1979.  The only certainty in life and death is tax. Guessed the Word?           Series 9 (6/6)        [photo: Toa Heftiba]