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November 8, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Exhaust Around 2000: birth of surveillance capitalism.  Tech firms didn’t know how to make money from the internet.  We did a search, they delivered results & ejected our details.  Then Google stumbled on the answer: keep the “data exhaust” (who we are, what we seek, what we do next), render it into information to sell…

September 27, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Empire Sovereignty – what does a powerful empire look like now?  It’s got many people in its grasp.  It collects & stores data about its subjects, to use for its own gain.  It tracks their activity & location to target them with ‘information’.  It cites privacy/ security as reasons for changes which benefit the emperor. …

January 16, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Overlooked Most-overlooked amenity in hotel rooms: the ironing board. Business travellers!  Use it as a height-adjustable writing desk, dining table, or activity console. (Housekeeping can take care of your ironing) Guessed the Word?          Series 36 (1/7)              [pic: target]

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Emotion Emotion can prevent start-ups from seeing their idea isn’t viable as a business.  Obscure, esoteric new products/ services only appeal to few people. Targeting a small niche means less competition, but also less money Guessed the Word?             Series 33 (2/5)           [pic: lubo minar]  

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Scam Web scammers don’t need to guess who’ll fall for their cons.  Social media’s trove of user data + algorithms target their fake ‘news’ & ‘endorsed’ ads across multiple platforms – by age, interests, location or IP address – based on previous clicks on their links Guessed the Word?     Series 22 (8/8)      [pic:…