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Saving Germans squirrel away 10% of disposable income regardless of economic crises or interest rates, double that of the average European or American.  Only Swedes & Swiss save more.  In contrast, Britons save about 3%.  In 2016, their savings rate was actually negative. 1778: world’s 1st savings bank founded in Hamburg.  Most Germans view the…

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Self-storage UK self-storage space doubled in 10 years to >44m sqft in 2017.  That’s 0.7 sqft for each person, the highest in Europe.  USA self-storage is 7 sqft per person, despite its homes being the world’s largest.  UK: 1,160 indoor & 345 outdoor sites, 450k customers, £750m ($930m) annual sales. We over-estimate the space we…

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Returns 33% of web orders end up as returns vs. 9% at bricks-&-mortar shops. Processing/ shipping returns can be 20% to 65% of e-tailer’s cost of goods sold. Why merchants prefer to take online returns at a physical store: 66% of shoppers make a new purchase during that visit.  More sizing info & clear photos reduce…

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Safe deposit box Film characters store what they like.  But banks’ prohibited items can include cash.  And drugs, chemicals, guns, knives, ammunition, banned items, anything offensive, immoral, obscene, indecent, defamatory, slanderous or used in terrorism Guessed the Word?       Series 19 (6/7)         [pic: Igor Shubin]

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Retail theatre Selfridge’s Work It Lab gets together forward-thinking employees to devise & champion new ways of working. “There’s no fun like work” ~ Harry Gordon Selfridge, 1909 Guessed the Word?  Series 4 (2/6)   [photo: cezary_p]

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Office Wooden desks to cubicles to open-plan, ‘work anywhere’ now means ‘office’ is any location with internet. With no office, workers may have to use ‘cargo pants’ to store items. But new research shows open-plan doesn’t boost productivity, communication nor morale What’s the Word?   Series 2 (9/10)  [photo: Pinterest]