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Touchdown 20 July 1969: Touchdown & walk on the Moon.  One small step for man 50 years ago.  But the real stars were 400,000 technicians & scientists who crunched numbers, built the kit & solved 10,000 challenges to pull off an “impossible mission” 350,000 km away.  Nasa wants to land a woman on the moon…

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Value-added tax Lower VAT rates reduce the ‘black economy’.  Self-enforcing VAT is 1950s French invention.  Instead of a levy on final sale of a product/ service, it’s imposed at every step of production, with a refund for the tax paid at the previous step.  Each firm reports the VAT the previous firm in the chain should’ve…

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Increment Achievement is through incremental steps.  Giant leaps are fiction.  Small, relentless improvements from ground-up, not imposed from top-down.  Sustained success is a long-haul affair, achieved through continuous effort Guessed the Word?           Series 32 (4/5)             [pic: zoltan tasi]