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Self-storage UK self-storage space doubled in 10 years to >44m sqft in 2017.  That’s 0.7 sqft for each person, the highest in Europe.  USA self-storage is 7 sqft per person, despite its homes being the world’s largest.  UK: 1,160 indoor & 345 outdoor sites, 450k customers, £750m ($930m) annual sales. We over-estimate the space we…

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Under-achiever Now’s the best time for Europe to stop being big tech’s under-achieverUSA hit by unforced errors – fake news, privacy/ data security lapses.  China’s un-tailored services struggling to expand into new markets.  Europe’s promising tech arenas: drug & materials development, driverless cars, electric helicopters, genomics.  London is 1 of the best places on Earth…

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Emotion Emotion can prevent start-ups from seeing their idea isn’t viable as a business.  Obscure, esoteric new products/ services only appeal to few people. Targeting a small niche means less competition, but also less money Guessed the Word?             Series 33 (2/5)           [pic: lubo minar]  

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Y Combinator incubator motto ‘make something people want’ grooms entrepreneurs in 3-month bootcamp.  Can a formula create founder fairy tales? Guessed the Word?         Series 21 (3/7)         [pic: nathan fertig]

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Teamwork Sole entrepreneurs are a minority.  Even Bill Gates, Richard Branson and Steve Jobs had co-founder partners in the crucial early years.  Most successful firms are started by teams Guessed the word?  Series 4 (6/6)    [photo: Mariusz Szymaszek]

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Ecosystem London has the world’s best fintech ecosystem, with diverse hipsters, tech startups, capitalists & large financial bodies in the same space. Co-exist, collaborate, co-evolve   Guessed the word?  Series 2  (1/10)  [photo: visavietnam}

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Olderpreneurs Over-50s are the new start-up generation, accounting for 43% of new UK businesses.  They’re more likely to innovate, and be trading 5 years later, than under-35’s.  Technology is ageless; whether you’re 10 or 100, the driver-less car takes you where you wish to go.  Get older workers to design products & services for younger…

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  Unicorn – a mythical horned creature in fairy tales, but very real in the business world, a Unicorn is a start-up, which is not yet a public company, with a valuation of more than US$ 1 billion. Examples – Airbnb, Snapchat, Uber, Xiaomi. Can we help your firm become one?      What’s the Word? Series…