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Alter It’s harder to alter hardware than software, but much more rewarding for hackers &  spies. 2 ways of executing such attacks: Manipulate devices in transit from factory to customer.  Or seed in changes from the start of manufacture.  China makes 75% of the world’s mobile phones & 90% of personal computers.  Content is king…

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Pounce Who will bell the cat? Take a risk – fortune favours the brave.  Curiosity & publicly available information are enough to unmask new facts – about products, services, customers, suppliers.  Or even to pounce on secret agents who poison former spies.  No training needed Guessed the Word?                Series 31…

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  Green space Green space valued by all – from US presidents (Trump ‘Central Park’ trademark 1991) to Russian spies (2018).  Key to physical/ mental well-being, as >50% of world’s population live in cities Guessed the Word?         Series 20 (1/6)            [pic: summa]