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Gathering The viral energy of firms comes from gatherings.  Virtual get-togethers can harness crowd momentum, enthusiam & competition to fuel innovation, while common threats spur collaboration.  Shared aims stop social distancing making us socially distant.  Unite in spirit to prevail 100 years Guessed the Word?     Series 57 (7/8)       pic: donnaSenzaFiato

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Zeitgeist “Staycations” in the home country fit the zeitgeist.  Rather than travel abroad, Britons took 59m UK holidays in 2017.  Average spend: £599 ($727), 2018 estimate £823 ($999).  Besides value, top requests are pet-friendly, hot tub & an “experience” (alternative accommodation, activities).  Nearly 50% of Britons are more likely to holiday in the UK than the…


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Dry The number of Britons ‘going dry’ has hit a 12-year high.  20m consider alcohol-free drinks, while 1 in 5 doesn’t drink alcohol at all.  Many sophisticated zero-proof aperitifs, beers, spirits & wines now on the shelves, solving the problem of what to drink when you’re not drinking Guessed the Word?        Series…

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Micro-library Micro-library shows enterprises can thrive in non-traditional structuresElements for success: convenient, long opening hours, self-sustaining, cheap, foster community spirit, capture imaginations, help people connect & make serendipitous discoveries.  No registration, fees nor proof of address.  Book exchanges are the most popular use of old phone boxes Guessed the Word?       Series 36 (6/7)   …

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  Endeavour Our human spirit of endeavour to discover something new.  1768 – small coal ship, built for reliability not speed, left Plymouth for the uncharted South Pacific sea.  After 2 years, huge Atlantic storms, Cape Horn & tip of South America, it found New Zealand & Australia.  And changed our view of the world…

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XO brandy The finest spirit distilled from grapes, XO Extra Old cognac is aged in oak casks for >6 years; longer than VS and VSOP.  16thC Dutch shipmaster created brandy when he concentrated wine by burning off most of the water to save valuable cargo space (brandwijn = burnt wine).  Prices rises likely, as 3 major disasters in…

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  Essence Dump the old to make space for the new. But without losing the essence of our potential, as that’s what stimulates its own excitement  Guessed the Word?       Series 15 (2/3)        [photo: owen-kemp]

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Spirit Values are more important than strategy.  The spirit in which a firm does business augments or diminishes its financial position, making those who interact with it feel good or bad Guessed the Word?     Series 14 (4/4)     [photo: paulo-rodrigues]

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Dunkirk spirit Courage in adversity.  Being strong when in difficulty.  Refusing to accept defeat. People in a bad situation helping each other. Lessons for business from May 1940 Guess the Word?   Series 6 (5/5)   [photo: Pavlofox]