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Angling Angling is 1 of the UK’s most popular pastimes.  3m people spend >£3bn ($3.6bn, €3.3bn) a year, mostly at small, family-owned shops.  Fishing trips are effective in re-adjusting to work/society & lessen depression, anxiety & post-traumatic stress.  Not all wounds are visible Guessed the Word?    Series 47 (3/7)     pic: Angling Trust

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Marriage Wedding season soon, but marriage is declining all over the world.  UK marriages peaked in 1972: 80 out of 1,000 men, & 60 out of 1,000 women, got wed.  Corresponding 2016 figures: 23 men & 21 women.  Tax relief for married couples, not based on need nor ability to pay, rewards a lifestyle/ moral choice. …

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Regulate Time to regulate search & social media tech giants as they’re brokers into the information marketplace, & critical infrastructure to the global economy.  An industry consortium, (sanctioned by government) can regulate, balance the interests of small & large firms, and set ground rules for how they interact with society Guessed the Word?      Series…