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Rustic The rustic cottage offers refuge from politics, commercial pressures & the cold.  Consumers fulfil the fantasy of a Christmas country cottage by renting one – even the smallest & most remote dwellings get snapped up quickly.  Time with family & friends, in a timeless rural setting, is the antidote to urban noise, hustle &…

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Guess the Word  and Contact Us for prizes!  Series 20 starts soon….. 1st letter of each post Title (in a Series) spells a business word – spelt correctly, backwards, jumbled up or as an anagram.  Previous answers: Series 19 spelt   C-U-E-S-S-C-S   (SUCCESS) Series 18 spelt   M-E-N-O-Y   (MONEY) Series 17 spelt  T-U-N-E-R-E-V    (VENTURE) Series 16  was  Zzz   (sleep, rest & recharge) Series…

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Xmas Hijacking Christmas for commerce is not new.  Christmas itself piggy-backed on earlier midwinter festivals.  In 1867, Macy’s in New York stayed open until midnight on Christmas Eve Guessed the Word?      Series 14 (1/4)     [photo: Pamjpat]