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Augment Business Covid-survival tactic: augment existing product or service at low- or no cost.  Be customer-centric.  Turn a purely transactional relationship into an advisory one.  In the end, value is simply being of service, not a vague concept.  Something has value as long as it is able to serve.  It really is that simple.  And…

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Scotch egg The humble Scotch egg lays out features of successful products: Simple components, well planned & properly executed (hard or soft boiled egg, enclosed in sausagemeat, rolled in breadcrumbs & fried).  Many claims to invention (Scotland, England, India, Algeria).  Enduring (from pre-18thC).  Convenient (portable snack).  Good anywhere (indoor meal, outdoor picnic).  Popular (versions worldwide). …

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Longevity Consumers now value sustainability, simplicity, longevity. ‘Planned obsolescence’ doesn’t work when they want to build and keep a relationship with the product/ service provider.  Back to the future Guessed the Word?       Series 20 (6/6)        [pic: Royal Enfield]

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Design Objects that appear simple, but solve key problems beautifully are the mark of great design – Apple Design Chief says we still don’t have a good soap dispenser Guessed the word?  Series 5 (1/4)  [photo: stevepb]