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Car Move on!  Stalled sales signal that we’re past peak car.  2018 worldwide car sales 94.2m, down 1m on 2017.  Youngsters are turning away from the killer transportation app of the 20th c.  UK: driving tests per year by 17 year-olds are down 28% in 10 years.  USA: only 26% of 16 year olds got…

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Unmanned By weaponising unmanned aerial vehicles, pilots can endanger lives without risking their own.  Consider & counter the downsides of new tech early.  Drones must prove they can fly safely beyond line of sight, over human populations and at night.  Defences? Licences, nets, lasers, projectiles, electromagnetic pulses, jamming radio signals & suicide drones Guessed the…

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Nanosecond Getting data even nanoseconds faster generates huge profits.  So physical location of cables & towers to transmit data is critical.  Being closer, UK receives US data before Europe, through undersea fibre-optic cables. Light travels 30cm / nanosecond (billionth of a second).  Straight cables transmit data fastest Guessed the Word?       Series 41 (8/9) …

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Announce Moscow metro’s simple announcements are clear: male voice for inbound trains, female voice for outbound. “Boss calls you to work, wife calls you home”.  On the ring line, male voice = clockwise direction, female voice = anti-clockwise Guessed the Word?    Series 13 (2/5)   [photo: Breaking the Walls]