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October 20, 2017 admin123@ No comments exist

Agriculture In an uncertain world, food security is essential.  UK produced 80% of its own food 30 years ago.  Today it’s 60%.  Will be 50% in 10 years.  Farmland is 70% of UK land area. Good incentives help farmers, environment & rural communities flourish. Guessed the Word?     Series 10 (2/8)     [photo: alexandr podvalny]

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Retention £1 billion! deducted by UK top 12 main contractors, from payments due to their supply chain, as security for performance.  Not held in ring-fenced account, so small firms lose when retention-taker goes bust. And tied-up sums don’t help construction sector productivity & improvement Guessed the Word?     Series 6 (2/5)      [photo: Meditations]…

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Coin “Un-forgeable” 12-sided £1 coin issued 28 Mar has hologram, micro-lettering & hidden security feature. 15-yr old David Pearce’s design shows the English rose, Irish shamrock, Scottish thistle & Welsh leek Guessed the Word?  Series 2  (3/10)  [photo: Royal Mint]