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Galway oysters A fixture on any Valentine’s Day menu: oysters. Savoured in Britain since Roman times.  Protein & mineral-rich, oysters were plentiful until 1800s over-fishing & polluted waters depleted stocks.  Since 1954, the world’s longest-running Oyster Festival in Galway, Ireland is on the last weekend in Sep.  From “poor man’s food” to luxury prices –…

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Evergreen Just as evergreens signify permanence, brands can pass on emotional values down the years.  Despite company failure, the best brands have a long-lasting romance & history, which can be re-invigorated Guessed the Word?              Series 35 (4/8)               [pic: Kappa]

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Accountants are the 4th most rated date-able professionals: after doctors, emergency service workers and artists.  Who counts? Guessed the Word?     Series 8 (3/5)     [photo: terimakasih0]