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Ego The best leaders socially distance from their egos.  And they don’t get excited about themselves.  The great leveller, Covid-19 doesn’t spare the important, the popular, the famous nor the rich.  Hero to zero? Guessed the Word?                    Series 65 (4/9)             …

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Gentrify Better to gentrify an area, or not gentrify?  Affluent professionals moving into poor areas are blamed for rising house prices, forcing others to re-locate & changing the city’s character.  But their money brings more jobs, better schools & less crime.  Ruth Glass’s 1960’s term ‘gentrification’ outlined the gentry’s move into London as it evolved…

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Nostalgia Shine a light: Britain is the 2nd richest country in Europe, per Gross Domestic Product based on purchasing power parity.   Unemployment is at its lowest level since 1975.  Britain is still the 8th biggest manufacturer in the world.  Reasons to be cheerful, then & now Guessed the Word?           Series 39…

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Leave In UK & US, poverty has flipped from Reason to Leave to Reason Not to Leave,despite widening opportunity gap between dynamic & struggling areas.  Should policymakers re-vitalise poor areas?  Or incentivize people to move?  Fewer Americans moved States in 2017 than in any of the previous 50 years Guessed the Word?       …

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Yacht How to transform a superyacht-type firm?  ‘Speedboat projects’ run separately from core activities can develop faster.  Heritage & tradition are valuable, but sometimes developed markets can learn from emerging ones, not the other way round Guessed the Word?         Series 29 (8/8)          [pic: Singapore Yacht Club]

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Laffer curve An optimum tax rate maximises tax revenue – Arthur Laffer, 1979.  Above that rate, no more revenue is gained (and may even fall), as tax avoidance, disincentive to work and “brain drain” impoverish the rich & the poor  Guessed the Word?      Series 20 (2/6)        [pic: Michael Gaida]