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September 11, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Away UK office workers are still away.  Early Aug 2020 – 84% of French office workers were back at their desks, compared to only 37% of Britons, and 75% of Germans, Spanish & Italians.  1/4 of Britons are only turning up at the office part-time.  We’re all in this together?  Er, no Guessed the Word? …

November 29, 2019 admin123@ No comments exist

Internal rate of return How do private equity funds juice the internal rate of return (IRR)?  IRR is calculated once clients’ money comes in.  The shorter the period their money is put to work, the higher the annual IRR.  So, funds borrow money for the initial investment, & ask for client money later, to make…

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Tiffin Collect, deliver, return: 200,000 tiffins daily5,000 Mumbai dabba-wallas take hot lunch from home to school/ office by train, cart or bicycle for ₹500 rupees (£5 / $7) a month.  Without computers or client phone numbers, they achieve Six Sigma competence level by scribbling alphanumeric codes on tiffins.  Every tiffin changes hands >5 times on…

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Un-retire 1/4 of Britons un-retire within 15 years of leaving work.  Men, higher-educated & healthy people more likely to return, but no clear link between financial difficulty & un-retiring Guessed the Word?    Series 17 (5/7)     [pic: pablo-hermoso] 

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I Yield The return from an investment.   Financing lawsuits for some funds backing lawyers in Volkswagen emissions case could make 10,000% Guessed the Word?  Series 2 (5/10)  [photo: geralt]