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Triple bottom line TBL = people, profit, planet (3Ps). 1981: Freer Spreckley says firms should measure their TBL. 1994: John Elkington’s 3Ps suggests sustainability as a goal.  1997: his book ‘Cannibals with Forks‘ asks firms to measure/ report financial performance, social wealth creation & environmental aspects.  What next for stakeholders?  Quadruple bottom line, which includes…

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Value-added tax Lower VAT rates reduce the ‘black economy’.  Self-enforcing VAT is 1950s French invention.  Instead of a levy on final sale of a product/ service, it’s imposed at every step of production, with a refund for the tax paid at the previous step.  Each firm reports the VAT the previous firm in the chain should’ve…

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Annual reports At 135 pages, the average report is now 50% longer than 10 years ago. As clear as mud. Guessed the word?  Series 5 (2/4)  [photo: PellissierJP]