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Destiny Many want to shape their own destiny, and earn their daily bread, by running their own business. Governments should set a simple framework (basic rule of law, taxation, property rights) & get out of the way.  The power of trade, markets, competition, choice & innovation will unleash entrepreneurs.  State interventions & onerous rules suppress…

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Twin peaks Global trend is towards ‘twin peaks’ financial supervision: 1 prudential supervisor for capital/ risk controls, another for markets/ business conduct.  This model from Australia & Holland adopted by UK, New Zealand & South Africa.  But others eg. Germany, Sweden, Poland have chosen the single supervisory model for banking, insurance & pensions.  Double trouble?…

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Licence Members of an occupation love licences as they keep others out.  1 in 5 UK workers – twice as many as 15 years ago – now needs a permit from government to do their job, including security guards, art therapists, social workers.  Are they any better than they were?  Work life is tied up…

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Sudden Sudden change in rules/ markets can cause a sudden end.  Unexpected EU ban on shipping rosewood (used in fingerboards) across borders led to sad collapse of USA’s fabled Gibson, founded in Nashville 1902 Guessed the Word?     Series 23 (5/8)     [pic: Gibson Les Paul/ SeanKearns]

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Sandbox trial  Singapore’s sandbox framework creates ‘safe spaces’ to test new energy solutions in a live environment, without usual regulations, but with safeguards to minimise risks. The way to encourage innovation in other products/ services? Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (1/7)          [pic: RAMillu]

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Burden Overall effect of numerous regulations is a heavy load on small business.  UK govt wants to check tech/ military deals over £1m (was £70m).  More red-tape = more executive time on form-filling, while overseas competitors win customers. Guessed the Word?     Series 11(3/4)       [photo: joakant]

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Red tape A bonfire of red tape would reduce the burden of regulation on law-abiding firms, and level the playing field against those who never play by the rules. Guessed the Word?        Series 10 (7/8)        [photo:manolofranco]