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October 5, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

U-turn Government U-turns harm public perception & business reality.  Muddled lockdowns, confusing return to workspaces, random mingling rules, unjustified curfews, dubious extrapolations, PPE shortages, test & trace glitches.  As firms approach the point of no return, Ministers spout policy regardless.  Under orders – taste the fudge Guessed the Word?             …

March 21, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

Kabuki Even giant businesses who’ve mastered the ancient Japanese theatre art face reality sooner or later.  Unmasking the illusion can be sudden & unexpected Guessed the Word?         Series 21 (7/7)           [pic: taniadimas]

January 26, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

News Spinning out of control: the link between news and reality.  It seems we don’t want boring news, but fearful/ angry reports.  Like politics, news is partly show business, & gives us what we want Guessed the Word?         Series 18 (3/5)        [pic: ryan stefan]