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Dump Up to 1/3 of the food grown on British farms is dumped each year, for not meeting appearance standards.  EU regulations focus on visuals (colour, blemishes, dirt), not on nutritional quality.  Brexit could allow the UK to develop its own policy for fruit & veg Guessed the Word?           Series 40…

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Audit firms Does it matter if the UK’s Big 4 audit firms become the Big 3?  Already many struggle to find one that is un-conflicted & up to the job.  Less firms = less choice, less competition, lower quality, higher prices.  Like Big Banks, auditors should be made to plot their own death – how…

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Optimist Unusual business model, based on optimistic faith in the community to do good, can work: Wikipedia is 5th most popular website on earth.  New global platform for multilingual, quality news soon.  Journalists/volunteers will publish facts.  Supporters donate, so no ads, no paywalls.  Measures to stop fake news, spread by eager/unwitting volunteers, have failed.  Fight…


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Oil Data is the new oil, and payment data is the best quality oil in the business. Besides amount/ mode of payment, it reveals consumer preferences & usage patterns. Is your firm’s data equivalent of an oil reserve protected? Guessed the Word?         Series 12 (3/5)           [photo: neufal54]