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Hurt “Severely hurt by the realization that their presence is irrelevant to workforce productivity, many Chief Executives are urging staff to return to the office.” Tom Braithwaite,  Financial Times 19 Jun 2021 | Tech’s pandemic winners offer clues to the future of work Line of the Day                 …

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Unclog What unclogs congestion? Local & national drives to re-move vehicles.  Improve public transport + reduce demand (telework, adjust work hours) + smarter road use =  better quality of life, national productivity & global competitiveness.  Traffic calming – one way won’t work everywhere.  Start moving Guessed the Word?           Series 49 (1/7) …

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Productivity determines if living standards go up or down. Despite everything, productivity growth has been disappointing for more than 40 years Guessed the Word?  Series 2 (6/10)  [photo: diapicard]

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Office Wooden desks to cubicles to open-plan, ‘work anywhere’ now means ‘office’ is any location with internet. With no office, workers may have to use ‘cargo pants’ to store items. But new research shows open-plan doesn’t boost productivity, communication nor morale What’s the Word?   Series 2 (9/10)  [photo: Pinterest]