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May 29, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Ended Workplace practices ended by Covid-19:  Live group brainstorming.  (The boss’s idea wasn’t always the best anyway).  Allocation of resources by the ‘invisible hand’ of the market. (Replaced by the long arm of the government, in return for loans & grants).  Handshakes at the start & end of meetings.  (Say it with flowers)  Guessed the…

July 11, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

Flypast 10 July flypast over Buckingham Palace, 100 days after Britain’s Royal Air Force centenary on 1 April.  22 Typhoons form ‘100’ in the sky, after 3 weeks secret practice over the North Sea.  Per ardua ad astra – “Through struggle to the stars”.  Each plane costs £110m ($145m), and £4,000 ($5,300) to fly for 1 hour. …

August 9, 2017 admin123@ No comments exist

Picasso effect Before success –  Picasso: 700+ sketches of Les Demoiselles. James Dyson: 5,126 vacuum cleaner prototypes.  Edison: 10,000 light bulb filaments.  Persistence pays  Guessed the Word?  Series 7  (1/4)    [painting: Pablo Picasso]