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August 14, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Infrasound New, mysterious high-tech weapon: infrasound equipment emits inaudible, powerful waves of energy to disrupt & destabilise through serious but non-lethal harm.  Victims experience vague, abnormal sensations of sound & pressure, causing headaches, loss of balance, sleep dysfunction.  Cybersecurity fact following fiction?  Sonic the hedgehog had to stop an evil genius from experimenting.  Break the…

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Empire Sovereignty – what does a powerful empire look like now?  It’s got many people in its grasp.  It collects & stores data about its subjects, to use for its own gain.  It tracks their activity & location to target them with ‘information’.  It cites privacy/ security as reasons for changes which benefit the emperor. …


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New Consumers are both curious & fearful of anything new.  Familiar, but surprising, goods/ services will appeal.  Powerful ‘pre-awareness’ examples: Star Wars, James Bond, Harry Potter Guessed the Word?            Series 17 (3/7)            [pic: annca]