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Air Half of London’s toxic air pollution is caused by road transport.  To reduce exhaust emissions by 45%, from 8 April, its Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) standards are the toughest in the world. Dirty air kills 9,000 Londoners & costs the economy £4.5bn each year.  Soon, people from the country will come to London…

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Urban More than 1/2 the world’s population now lives in urban areas.  Will rise to 2/3rds by 2050.  But cities won’t achieve their economic potential unless they solve air pollution, navigation, housing shortage & noise.  In city-life utopia, robots sit in traffic, rents are low & electric motor whirrs are the loudest sound Guessed the Word?…

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Life expectancy After rising for so long, since 2014, life expectancy has reversed & is falling in the EU and USA. Falls in Germany, France & Italy steeper than in UK, and greater in women than men.  Cause unknown:  Flu? Obesity? Pollution?  Guessed the Word?         Series 10 (4/8)          [photo: aitoff]