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Twin peaks Global trend is towards ‘twin peaks’ financial supervision: 1 prudential supervisor for capital/ risk controls, another for markets/ business conduct.  This model from Australia & Holland adopted by UK, New Zealand & South Africa.  But others eg. Germany, Sweden, Poland have chosen the single supervisory model for banking, insurance & pensions.  Double trouble?…

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Women’s own Women tend to own less money than men.  Besides the gender pay gap, there’s an investing gap.  In the US, only about 1/2 of women have started saving for retirement (compared to 65% of men), and even those who’ve started have less than 1/2 the savings of men Guessed the Word?        Series 39 (8/9)   …

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Retire Who wants to live to 100? A 99 year-old! Retirement can be 30+ years, so pensions need to last.  UK now has 15,000 centenarians, eligible for a 100th Birthday card from the Queen, following a Royal tradition since 1917 Guessed the Word?         Series 30 (3/4)         [pic: Buckingham Palace]

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  Index Everyone is invested in tech if they have a portfolio/ pension of any kind as Tech sector now accounts for 23% of key global index S&P500.  Closest rival is Financials at 14.5%.  A far bigger transformation than most people realise.  In 1990, Tech was just 5% of the index, Industrials 15%.  Utilities, telecoms & manufacturing…

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Educate Edinburgh is the UK’s “most educated” city and 2nd-largest fintech hub.  55% of workforce has a Uni degree or equivalent.  Scottish inventions: life insurance, pensions, investment trusts.  Top 4 industries: salmon, whiskey, oil & gas, financial services Guessed the Word?       Series 22 (6/8)         [pic: kimdaejeung]

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Institutional investors Pension funds are making unusual investments: Rabobank is landlord of Dutch sex shops, M&G property fund has bingo halls. Cast the net widely to generate a fixed stream of cash Guessed the word?   Series 4 (5/6)   [photo: Espressolia]