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Women’s own Women tend to own less money than men.  Besides the gender pay gap, there’s an investing gap.  In the US, only about 1/2 of women have started saving for retirement (compared to 65% of men), and even those who’ve started have less than 1/2 the savings of men Guessed the Word?        Series 39 (8/9)   …


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  Own Imagine no possessions. The rise of the rental lifestyle.  John Lennon’s 1971 call to live without material stuff is now the tech startup mantra.  Why buy music if it can be downloaded? Why own DVDs if we can watch streamed films? Why buy a bike/ car when it can be hired?  A simpler life?…

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Expression New expression of our increasingly experience-driven economy: the  suitcaseTravel has become a way of life, as we shift from owning property to owning experiences.  2016 travel spend = $ 7.6 trillion. Guessed the Word?         Series 19 (5/7)           [pic: Rimowa]