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Almighty The US dollar remains almighty.  It makes up 2/3 of international debt & 2/3 of global currency reserves.  Oil & gold are priced in dollars.  Kidnappers of ships & people demand dollars.  European firms buy European planes in dollars.  Even when the US is the source of the problem, as in the 2008 global financial…

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Electric vehicle Electric vehicle (EV) manufacture is accelerating globally. China is in the driving seat – by 2025, 7m (20%) of cars sold yearly will be plug-in hybrids or battery-powered, to clear smog & reduce dependence on oil.  But do consumers want EVs?  They’re more costly than petrol/diesel options & their batteries pose extra fire…

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End of year 2018 SLUMP DUMP TRUMP.  Slump in oil price.  DUMP in stock markets – London FTSE, New York S&P, Europe Stoxx.  Then there’s TRUMP.  The only way from here is up!  Best wishes to all our readers for good health, enough wealth & lots of happy times in 2019 Guessed the Word?   …

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Hedge Mexico’s annual ‘Hacienda Hedge’ contrarian bet with banks protects the world’s 12th-largest oil producer from boom-&-bust prices, and made $2.4bn (£1.8bn) profit from 2001-17.  But the sun may be setting on the hedge, as world oil demand is falling Guessed the Word?           Series 26 (5/7)           [pic: Gellinger]

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Educate Edinburgh is the UK’s “most educated” city and 2nd-largest fintech hub.  55% of workforce has a Uni degree or equivalent.  Scottish inventions: life insurance, pensions, investment trusts.  Top 4 industries: salmon, whiskey, oil & gas, financial services Guessed the Word?       Series 22 (6/8)         [pic: kimdaejeung]


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Oil Data is the new oil, and payment data is the best quality oil in the business. Besides amount/ mode of payment, it reveals consumer preferences & usage patterns. Is your firm’s data equivalent of an oil reserve protected? Guessed the Word?         Series 12 (3/5)           [photo: neufal54]