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October 30, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Godfather Sooner or later, everything in American life comes back to The Godfather.  The horse-head scene reminds us that some stop at nothing to get their way.  Playing God.  Fredo.  Revenge.  Kickbacks.  Offers you can’t refuse.  White-collar criminals are the most powerful type.  Hollywood rewind?  This time it’s real.  It’s not personal, it’s business Guessed…

February 8, 2017 admin123@ No comments exist

Netflix biz model: There’s many Woody Allen fans in the world, but not enough near most stores. So, to make money ~ have MANY Woody Allen movies in ONE store in the middle of the world (not many Woody Allen movies in many stores)      What’s the Word? Series 1 (2/7)  [photo: Lloyds Dirks]