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March 20, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Unexpected Coronavirus:  When the unexpected happens – plans are useless, but planning is indispensable.   “The work goes on.   The cause endures.   The hope lives on.   And the dream will never die” – Ted Kennedy Guessed the Word?         Series 55 (5/7)          pic: rodrigo rodriguez

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Hedge funds Hedge fund fees pour out of the sky during market-beating alpha returns which averaged 18.3% pa in 1990s, 6.4% in 2000s, 3.4% pa since 2010.  But buoyant markets now mask outflows to keep their global size constant at £2.3tn ($3tn, €2.7tn).  In 2018, 580 funds out of 11,000 closed, outnumbering launches for a…

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Pounce Who will bell the cat? Take a risk – fortune favours the brave.  Curiosity & publicly available information are enough to unmask new facts – about products, services, customers, suppliers.  Or even to pounce on secret agents who poison former spies.  No training needed Guessed the Word?                Series 31…

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Kabuki Even giant businesses who’ve mastered the ancient Japanese theatre art face reality sooner or later.  Unmasking the illusion can be sudden & unexpected Guessed the Word?         Series 21 (7/7)           [pic: taniadimas]