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July 22, 2020 admin123@ No comments exist

Xenophobe The foreign & strange Covid-19 can turn us into xenophobes.  Trade suspended.  Borders closed.  Families locked inside homes with a red cross daubed on their doors.  Theatres & courts shut.  Sport stopped.  Streets empty.  Bubonic plague was deadlier than Covid-19, but mark the parallels between London 1665 and 2020!  Stranger danger, but life (and…

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Over Climate change is over; we’re in climate crisis now.  2020 will mark the turning point when weather becomes a more urgent priority than economic growth.  Governments representing 206m people have declared climate emergencies.  Future generations will have it hot, hot, hot Guessed the Word?        Series 53 (1/7)         pic: riaSopala

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Design Objects that appear simple, but solve key problems beautifully are the mark of great design – Apple Design Chief says we still don’t have a good soap dispenser Guessed the word?  Series 5 (1/4)  [photo: stevepb]