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Jitters Business owners & leaders have Covid-19 jitters.  But those who’ve made it this far have already shown they can manage both detail (cut costs, deal with suppliers, engage clients, forecast cashflow) AND big picture (think ahead, reorganise staff, pivot operations).  Finance & legal expertise helps firms lookout for whatever’s round the corner.  More than…

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Guess the Word  and Contact Us for Prizes!  Series 54 starts soon….. 1st letter of each Post Title (in a Series) spells a business word – spelt correctly or jumbled up.  Previous answers: Series 53  spelt  LO-O-K-O-U-T   (OUTLOOK) Series 52  spelt  R-O-B-B-I-N   (RIBBON) Series 51  spelt  P-A-W-W-I-S-H   (WHIPSAW) Series 50  spelt  L-I-O-N-S-M-E-E-T   (MILESTONE) Series 49  spelt  C-G-U-R-N-E-Y…

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Anticipate Anticipate which type of business attacks you’ll get & from where.  Theft of client or bank data.  Fraud in client or employee systems.  Losing critical information or system access.  Focus on prevention, rather than detection Guessed the Word?         Series 42 (3/8)          [pic: analogicus]