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September 17, 2018 admin123@ No comments exist

  Enough Enough to remember just 3 words to find anywhere, including street-less villages & uninhabited spots.  2013 invention by London startup used geocoordinates to divide Earth into 57tn squares of 3m x 3m (100 sqft), each with unique word combinations. The system is as accurate as the best GPS.  Available in many languages, but oceans…

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Eyeball auction Highest bidding advertiser gets to show their ad to web page viewer in > 1/10th of a second from loading the page.  Cookie data – location, gender, age, likes, dislikes – indicates how valuable that customer could be, so how much to bid  (while placing new cookies for future use) Guessed the Word?   …

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Travel Business trips now make up 1/5 of all travel. Top criteria for business travellers: location, convenient breakfast, high-speed wi-fi.  Some booking websites have quietly introduced a ‘Business’ option tab Guessed the Word?       Series 12 (4/5)         [photo: LadyArty]